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Let it Go!

Martin Perras

If you have kids, you can probably empathize. The Frozen sound track has become the sound track of my life. Particularly, the theme song “Let It Go!”

Because I’m funny like that… listening to Elsa sing prompted me to ponder letting go of something that I’ve really been holding on to. This might sound stupid to you, but for me this is very real. I am referring to my beard. Many of you know that this winter I grew my first official beard and wow let me tell you the impact it has made on my life. For the past 3 months, my facial hair strangely become a constant topic of conversation in my daily life. It was like I grew a third arm. Everywhere I went people talked about it. Some loved the beard, some pretended to love the beard and some honestly and very bluntly disliked it. But most importantly – I loved it! I loved playing with it, I love brushing it, I love how suddenly I didn’t have to shave everyday.

But as much as I loved it, I have realized that it’s time for me to… let it go. Don’t worry. I’m not here to talk about my beard… I want to share with you how it can be KEY to your health, healing and happiness to let go of what you are most attached to. Often times we end up investing our time and energy in things that aren’t serving us well. In truth, I was addicted to my beard. Addicted to how it made me feel and that attachment crowded out other possibilities in my life!

It’s a hard thing to come to terms with. Addiction is an uncomfortable word.

So many of us end up scrolling Facebook or zoning out watching Netflix at the end of the day. But the hard truth is, where we spend our time and energy determines what our life is like. So my first question to you is, what do you spend your time and energy doing?

Then, I encourage you to ask yourself, what is most important to you? If you could have an extraordinary life, what you do every day? What would you learn? Do you see any contradictions in your answers?

Letting go of my beard was tough but it has also made me feel free. It has made more room in my conversations with my friends and family for new and amazing things. It has made room in my mental world for new knowledge… like continuing my learning about needles in eyeballs! The joy of acquiring new ways to help my patients with eye conditions like macular degneration, retinitis pigmentosa, glaucoma, and more will FAR outweigh the enjoyment I experience from having my beard. But it was still tough to let it go.

So take a moment and really think. What are you addicted to? What do you need to let go of? What are you holding on so tightly. I can’t say that I’m a pro at letting go but starting with small things can help. If you can’t even let go the small things how are you going to let go the big things.

Alive again!! Newfound love… Needles for eye-balls?

Martin & John Jr

I know that I haven’t posted for a long time. The truth is that I have been in deep reflective mode for a good 6 months. Reflecting on life, practice and much more. Now, fair warning! This post is going to be a little inspirational and corny. That’s a lot of who I am – just a corny, inspirational guy. I want to introduce you to a recent discovery that has rocked my world.

A month ago, I went on a trip to Copenhagen to study under two great Acupuncturists – John Boel Jr. and John Boel Sr. I actually got to spend time with them both. John Sr. was awarded the prize of Acupuncturist of the Century and he has been in practice for over 35 years specializing in eye disorders. John Sr. became famous when he restored the vision of a child. He’s a big deal in the acupuncture world! As is John Jr. People have travelled from all over the world to receive treatments from them both. John Jr. has treated royalty, professional athletes, and many regular Joes like you and I. Together, their clinics have treated over 8,000 eye patients most of whom could not be helped by other eye-specialists. Over time, John Sr developed a new system of acupuncture called Acunova and he now trains acupuncturists from all over world.

Yes it’s true! Acupuncture can help with the eyes and vision. Every time I start sharing how acupuncture can be very effective for the eyes, people automatically go to… needles in eye-balls. Before visions of this start flashing through your mind – I want to reassure you that there are no needles in eye-balls! The acupuncture needles are placed in the hands, feet and a few around the eyes but nothing even close to the eye-ball. I know – big sigh of relief!

I went to the seminar with John Sr and Jr with very few expectations. Mostly, I was curious and also eager to hang out with an old acupuncture friend (Ryan Longenecker who is also specializing in eyes in Toronto). I wasn’t even sure how I felt about specializing in eyes. For one, I have a busy fulfilling practice specializing in pain, metabolic disorders, weight loss, stress and hormonal disorders. Getting away from that comfy practice isn’t something that appealed to me. Now, I love my clinic and I know that I am making a difference in my patients’ lives. But, I also know that I have a newfound love. When there is something inside of you that grips you so deeply, you need to take the time to listen. That’s not easy and this is where running comes in for me. I have been on many runs lately reflecting on if I want to change how I do things and begin the eye journey.

Don’t worry for those of you who are currently under acupuncture care with me! I am not leaving this world. I will never leave the style of acupuncture I practice. I am simply enhancing my practice with a new focus and I want everyone to know!

I am so excited about becoming an acupuncturist offering help with macular degeneration (AMD or ARMD), Retinitis Pigmentosa and many other eye disorders. Many eye diseases have no symptoms in the early stages. For example, Macular degeneration comes on very suddenly, but with time this can make it difficult to drive, read and many other activities. As the disease progresses, anxiety and depression often occurs as people can no longer do the things they love to do. Yes, macular degeneration can be slowed down or managed with drugs and medication but these solutions aren’t very successful.

If you or someone you love suffers from an eye disorder, you should definitely come and talk to me because I can help! The truth is – it’s a little known fact that acupuncture can be successful in treating eye disorders. Until now! Ottawa and the rest of the world: watch out! I’m on a mission to get the word out!

Acupuncture treatments for eye disorders start over two weeks and the success rate can be mind-blowing. If you’re not from Ottawa, there are other acupuncture clinics who also offer this type of treatments and I would be very happy to point you in the right direction. So far, I know that you can get access this type of treatment in Toronto, Chicago, New Jersey, Minneapolis, Vancouver, California and many more major cities. Or you could go on an adventure and make a trip to Denmark and visit the famous John Boel Sr. But you could also pick the phone and call me! I am confident that I can help and as always I promise to go full out with this because that is just the way I like my cookie to crumble. I know. So corny! I’m a corny man, but I am also deeply happy and passionate about this new phase in my life!

We’ll talk soon. Amazing things are coming!



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